Please, at the airport in case you arrive in advance or in delay , call us if you do not find a member of Amazon Gero Tours , ofcourse anyhow we will be awaiting for your coming if you give us the information of a new flight number , if the flight number do not change it will be easier for us to meet you. But in case you do not see us there are 3 taxi companies 24 hours that work for us
Ask the taxi companies ( Coopertaxi , Vitotaxi ou Manaus Radiotaxi ( inside of the airport lobby * Never outside) they are just 5 meters from the arrival gate .
Take care not so bad , but just to avoid scammers at the airport lobby , false tour guide or false faked taxis drivers.
Always in case your aircompany change your flight arrival time.
At the airport they have free wifi or the people inside of the taxi driver office they may call me .
We have just changed our Amazon Gero Tours office
No anymore at Rua 10 de Julho , but at the same street you may see the São Sebastiao church infront of the traffic light there is a small street called
Rua Tapajos ( number 27 ) just beside the church ( before the Amazon Theater) …
Please, do not believe Pirates on the street they may try to say that they work with us or that we are closed but do not pay attention , Our Amazon Gero Tours staff may use our t-shirt ( Amazon Gero’ s badge with name and our company name ,too
Please , avoid scammer near the hotels or agencies not all of them but some of them will try to convence
You that they work together with us or that we are closed but , but fortunately we are in full operation next corner the way back to the Amazon Theater at same corner Rua 10 de Julho with Rua Tapajos look beside São Sebastião ‘s Church ( Salão Tropical , ( Etinia Souvenirs) then next yellow buiding ( Amazon Gero Tours number 27 ( just beside the Church
Note a yellow building the only one next to the church.
+ 55 92 9 9198 0111
+55 92 9 9198 0111 and
our face is

Amazon Gero Tours and Ararinha Jungle Hotel are very deep concerned about the Amazon Preservation. care with local people developing social project and respecting the wildlife through the sustainable tourism as we have had good number of native people changing the tool for huting and predatory fishing for the tools of the Amazon preservation

Recoomeded by the best traveller books as

Lonely Planet to Brasil, Rough Guides , Footprint, Eye Witness , Stefan Loose and so by the best travel fóruns

I advise you Always to send me your reservation form but please Always with copy

to as it goes straight to my personal mobile

whatsaap 00 55 92 9 9198 0111
00 55 92 9 9983 6273