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You will stay on the Paraná do Mamori, situated 100 km south of Manaus and accessible by boat only. At a jungle lodge by private room, shared room by bed or hammock, if you do prefer you can stay at a native family house combined with overnight in the jungle. From here we invite you to have your (first) jungle experience for adventure or study your specific interest in flora and fauna and get acquainted with the way of life of the local population.

You may not come across practically any animal species found in the Amazon region as the jungle is very dense huge trees and it makes easier that the animal see us first .. There is no hunting, professional fishing and no tree is felled ofcourse only the trees they get for ther need. That is why we can guarantee you a stay on a unique location in an unspoilt environment. Your eyes lose themselves in these magnificent surroundings, with water all around, jungle and panoramic views, in short, beauty in complete harmony.


- The House Boat
- The Jungle Lodge


We offer you a flexible programme which will be composed according to your interest and available time. Our guides, with many years’ experience, will accompany you during your stay at Arara. If necessary we make use of locally known guides and the local population.

Among other things the following activities and excursion are included in our programmes:

Exploring the flooded rainforest: The canoe is the only possible means of transport for entering the flooded rainforest (lgapós and lgarapés) in order to observe the flora and fauna near the river. Besides experiencing the beautiful landscape with its panoramic views, sunrise and sunset, you will be informed about the geography and history of the Amazon area.

Birdwatching: For early birds (5.30 a.m.). When the sun rises and the quiet water changes into a mirror, we listen to the sound of birds leaving their nests and beginning their day. But also other animals wake up and the howler monkeys with their deafening noise can drown out many a bird.

Piranhá and other fish: The afternoon is pre-eminently suited for going fishing. Especially for the well-known Piranhá, but of course also for other Amazon fish about which you will be informed extensively.

Crocodile spotting: After sunset you go by boat, through the darkness of the rainforest, to listen to the mysterious sounds of the night. In the light of a flashlight you can see two red lights and you look straight into the eyes of a crocodile.

Jungle trekking: Several routes lead you through the overwhelming jungle to areas hardly ever trodden before. You will see enormous hardwood trees and all kinds of nut and fruit bearing trees. Our guides will tell you about the flora and fauna, medicinal plants and their use by the population.

Survival techniques in the jungle: You will learn about the knowledge and techniques which enable the Indians to survive in the jungle.

Visit to the local population: The visit to a local family gives insight into their daily life, customs and housing. Their main, economical, activity is growing and cultivating manioc, fishing, and winning and processing rubber. They will tell and show you everything about the use of animal life and the more than 3000 species of fish which serve the locals as basic food.


For Botanists, Biologists, Fishermen, Photographers and Birdwatchers guides with specialised knowledge are available. Our country offers the possibility to study and research flora, fauna and the eco system in which life goes on in an undisturbed way.

Sport fishing: The location, directly on river Parana do Mamori, which connects three lakes, offers every possibility for fishermen to pursue their hobby.
Not only because of the quantity, but also the size of fish, like Pirarucu/Arapaima, Tucunaré and Aruaná.

Study and research: Far away from civilization, with unspoilt nature all around, our area is perfect suitable for studying the flora, fauna and ecology of the rainforest. For biologists and specialised nature lovers every opportunity for making observations and doing field work is present.

Amazon Gero

Amazon Gero Tours own jungle base named Ararinha jungle Hotel called Ararinha in favor of the name Ararinha Lake with made Henk ( Gero's) Business partner in love for the area and so for Ararinha's local community .
Recommbed by several travel books as Lonely Planet to Brazil, Rough Guides to Brazil , Footprint, Stefan etc..,
we have for many years the best number of excellent reviews

Tour Manager: Geraldo Neto Mesquita Sousa (Know as (Gero) Phone Pleasae use our mobile 24 hours 0 0 55 92 9 9198 0111 0 0 5 5 92 9 99836273 Both whatsaap ,too Office only when you cannot contac me as I am incharged of the reservation details So always I will much informed and giving you updated details in last case please Use Office: Rua 10 de Julho, 695 Centro Manaus Phone: +55 (92) 3232-4755 (Office In case our office outside of the Hotel Dez is closed ( Please go to inside of the hotel my 2nd Base , but ask the lady of the Reception to call me any time 24 hours I will have always a person Available .(check room number 2 do not mistake with another office which I have no contact with we do not work together Amazon Gero Tours team have always their Identification and they will always contact me Email: Skype: amazongero.tour2 Listed by: Ministério do Tourismo Brasil, EMBRATUR Register Number: AM10.07.096.267/0001-73

Several programs

Choose from below the several programs of Ararinha Jungle Hotel.

genral packages
Program SAMAÚMA: 04 days – 03 nights
Program SERINGUEIRO: 05 Days – 04 Nights
Program EXPEDITION: 06 days – 05 nights
Rain Forest Expedition: 10 days – 09 nights
Program for SPORT FISHERMEN: 01 day – 07 days
Program for Study and research

General Package

The following days will be filled in consultation with you, according to your assignment, interest and available time.

We have good contacts with government institutions concerned with:

1) Management and Conservation of the Amazon area, IPEAM and IBAMA.
2) Research into flora and fauna and the eco system in the Amazon area, the researchcentre INPA.
3) AMAZONTOURISM for ecologically safe tourism.
4) In our team we can depend on guides with specialized knowledge and, if necessary,we use the knowledge and experience of local guides.

Every possibility mentioned in our program, can be related to your study or research. Your knowledge of the Tropical Rainforest will be enlarged and you may possibly contribute to the preservation of the Amazon region.

Last day. After lunch (13.00 hr.) return to Manaus, where you will arrive at about17.00 hr. to be transported to the hotel or airport.